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Injury Prevention

Research shows education is a cost effective means to prevent injury.  Experience Rehab's team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologist, nutritionist and podiatrist provide a seamless, integrated multi-disciplinary service in the Wellington region.  Our team will identify potential predisposing factors to minimise risk of injury and impacts on productivity.

A range of customised programmes and seminars are available:

  • Early intervention - to reduce aggravating factors prior to injury occurring (work task, workplace setup, biomechanical issues, equipment or psychological issues).
  • Pre-employment functional assessment - candidates are measured against the critical demands of positions with manual handling or other physical requirements to ensure optimum job fit.
  • Psychological assessment - identifies psychosocial work habits and requirements that are likely to impact on productivity.
  • Screening assessment - based on the ACC Discomfort Pain and Injury Model.  This considers individual factors, psychosocial factors, work organisation, work layout and awkward postures, load and forceful movements, task invariability, environmental issues.
  • Workplace/site assessments - tailored to individual needs, which may include postural, biomechanical and gait analysis.
  • Manual handling seminars - carried out in the work environment in a practical format.
  • Warm up stretching programmes and work readiness.
  • Industry specific discomfort prevention and management seminars.

Experience Rehab's highly regarded health professionals will work with you to customise the solution for your workforce.