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Wellness in the Workforce

Optimising the wellness of people in a work environment to minimise physical injury and improve cognitive efficiency has been well documented.  Experience Rehab’s unique multi-disciplinary approach to increasing the personal health and wellbeing of your team will achieve results.

A range of customised programmes and seminars are available.

  • Exercise Well – group fitness sessions and biomechanical education with a physiotherapist.
  • Eat Well – managing healthy meals at work with a nutritionist.
  • Sleep Well – education about how to re-set your sleep patterns and get the most out of your rest with an occupational therapist and clinical psychologist.
  • Walk Well – gait analysis and lower limb care education with a podiatrist and physiotherapist.
  • Lifestyle Balance – assess and redesign daily activities with an occupational therapist.
  • Resilience – education to understand what it takes to build resilience with a clinical psychologist.

Experience Rehab's combination of highly regarded health professionals and the support of a group format will empower your team to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.